Welcome to the Mt. Holly Municipal Records Dept. Pretty soon there should be some really great mix CDs available here to download for FREE.

How will this work? Well, I will be contacting bands or labels to donate tracks. The tracks will all be linked back to the labels and bands that provided the tracks. I will compile the tracks and design the covers and compress them into nice little packages. Until, I get enough files I will be posting old records from my collection for you to 'enjoy'.

So, if you are in a band or have a label and have some tracks you'd like to get heard, drop me a line. <here>

Nobody makes any money off of our joint venture. Instead you can get promoted while riding the coattails of the Liberate Mt. Holly Movement.

The Dynamic Fun Machine

1. Nebraska Song
2. Tijuana Taxi
3. Spanish Flea
4. National Brotherhood Week
5. Yakity Sax
6. Sentimental Journey
7. Mailman Song
8. Love Song
9. My Wife
10. Falsies Song
11. Sally at the Zoo
12. BC Pills
13. Adam and Eve
14. Green Green Grass at Home
15. Trip to Chicago
16. Harper Valley PTA
17. George Wallace Bit
18. Big Bad Bruce
19. San Francisco Hippie Story
20. I just Wanna' Be Friends

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Isabel Baker
-I Like God's Style

1. I Like God's Style
2. The Gaderian
3. When I Walk in the Valley
4. It Wasn't Done in a Corner
5. This Ol'e Worlds' a Big Let Down
6. Seven Thousand More
7. I'm Coming Back to Thee
8. I Have Peace
9. You Gotta Meet Him
10. All is Vanity
11. He's Never Too Late
12. God's Big Heart

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RECORD REVIEWS - Buy these now! I have spoken.

Sci-fi writers have always crafted complete and unique worlds. The most successful futurists describe the minutia of everyday life on these planets and the social relationships and ethical quests we on Terra can relate to. Mandrew, with his broad range of instrumentation and hand-made electronics has done just this. Crafting these songs over the past couple of years through home recordings, Mandrew, aided by a corral of great local lyricists has created an alien, yet compelling pop record with Alt-country undertones that in a classic Twilight Zone twist shows us the complexity of a far away planet that is in fact not a planet but a single living organism, Mandrew himself. (ectone)
Dead Meadow
D.C. has a drug problem. Heavy, Dark, Sinister, Resin-laden, but not venturing into metal. Eerie, beautiful fuzz that recalls the trippiest of Eric's Trip and the lowest levels of Elevator. Plus, they endorse Orange Amplifiers. (Matador)
Speaking of drugs. Jennifer J. Herrema of Royal Trux is back with a new line up and her finest work with or without her former cohort Haggerty. The Album features chromatic guitars and loads of phase shifted vocals. Makes me want to shoot hot solder or smoke molten lead. (drag city)
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