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The Mr. Mike Archive:

Where Crusties Smell
1The Continuing Adventures of Dusty the Crusty

Dustie the Crustie / Hollywood Zero
1 • The Jam That Started a Phenomenon

Popular Timebomb
1A Desperate Message from the Future!

Mr. Mike's The Bulkhead
1The Funniest Joke in the World
2The Wit & Wisdom of W.C Fields

Rump Magazine
1 • Hovercrafts
2Brazillian Special Olympics Team
3 • Dick York / Shithouse Spectacular
4 • The Unluckiest Boy in the World
5What Washing Machines Know About You
6 • Shuffling Samuel
7 • So, You Want to Have a Baby
8My Buddy, Buddy
9 • The Powerful Exo-Skeleton
10 • I am a clock
11 • Satan's Small fry
12 • Gadgets for the Ugly and Lonely
13The RUMP Annual Report
14 • REVENGE!!!!!!
15 • Mr. Mike Quits Smoking
16 • Fonzie vs. the World Trade Center
17• I Control all Natural Disasters
18Zak Fu - HAI!
19 • A Chimp Procreating with a Midget
20Where Assholes Dwell / Fink

BOOK REVIEW - Hamburger Eyes 008

There is no better assemblage of street photography anywhere. The photographers gathered in this B&W magazine shoot everything, anywhere, any time under the sun. The latest issue takes us to Paradise Lost, on a Porno Set, to the streets of Guatemala, through the Urban Prison and Underwater. These sell out instantly, so get on the stick. Even better get a subscription. Tell them Lady Handjob sent you. Hamburger no lie when Hamburger say 'The Continuing Story of Life on Earth".

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Mt. Holly History:

1Circle Jerks - A Beneficial Mistake
2An Interview from 1993
3 • Mistaken for Dead
4 • Great Granddad and the Nomadic Dogwood
5 • A Letter to John P.
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